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Welcome to the Rhoades to Wellness, where I offer a unique and customized approach to Pilates, with an athletic feel. My tailored programs are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel your best. With a focus on holistic wellness and personalized nutrition guidance, we are committed to supporting your journey towards optimal health and vitality. Explore our site and discover the transformative benefits of our specialized Athletic Pilates and Holistic Nutrition programs today.

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A dance workout, combining all elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. We own the dance floor while alternating between low and high-intensity moves set to rhythms such as Hip-hop, Soca,Cumbia, Dancehall, Merengue and much more.


A low-impact cardio workout on a stationary exercise bike. We pedal through various drills such as climbs, jumps and sprints to improve muscle endurance and strength. Each songs will motivate you to break away from your comfort zone and ride.


A Note from Kaitlyn-

Hi and Welcome to Rhoades to Wellness - I am excited you are here!

Here is my why - 

I was a former ballet dancer turned Pilates teacher turned studio owner. I owned a beautiful space in the heart of the Marina in San Francisco, CA. When covid hit I had to make the unfortunate decision to close and like most of us turn my business to an online platform. After taking some time off I realized that I wanted to make my program accessible to everyone and for everyone, I started building my online platform so that everyone any where can access my program.

After some well needed time to think of what I truly wanted for my business, I am back running both a beautiful business on Union St. in the Marina, SF and my online platform. My passion is helping you get to your goals, wherever you are.

What I am bringing to you-

With my Masters in Rehabilitation Science and Research you are going to have content devoted entirely to working on those aches, pains and injuries you might have. 

Every workout is going to be labeled for level and speed. I want you to be able to challenge you but keep you safe. There will always be modifications and variations to make sure you feel confident. 

Lastly, let's work on the inside and make sure you have tons of energy, your brain is firing on all cylinders and you feel strong through healthy amazing food. 


Institute Of Integrative Nutrition
MS in Rehabilitation Science and Research
Corrective Exercise Specialist
STOTT Pilates Certified


I have been doing the On Demand videos the past year. After just a couple months my knee pain was feeling so much better that I was able to move into more of the athletic videos. I love that if something is still or sore I can always go back to a corrective exercise video.


I have been working with Kaitlyn for nutrition for a little over five months and I love that she didn't rush the process. She met me where I was and we slowly started integrated new healthy habits. It truly isn't about the scale and we never focused on it, we focused on adding more healthy choices in, I started having a lot more energy, my mind felt sharp and the weight started to come off.


I worked with Kaitlyn at her studio in San Francisco after a low back injury and years later I am so happy to have this platform, when my back starts to not feel its best I can log in and in one click she is guiding me like she did at the studio all those years ago. Not to mention when I am not in pain she can absolutely kick my butt from afar.

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